Cyborg by Marie O’Mahony

October 14, 2009

O’Mahony, Marie.  Cyborg. Thames & Hudson Inc: New York, NY 2002.

This text suggests that many experts  expect “the next big change in our evolution to arise from sophisticated mechanical or electronic modifications.”  O’Mahony questions the ethics of artificial intelligence, and how it might affect how future.  There are many good uses for technology; it is its misuse which can lead to our destruction.

Technology is primarily thought of as an augmentation or as a symbiote to humans, but it is this relationship which technology questions itself.  This text gives many examples of the uses of technology, including advanced technology of our time, but also the simple mechanics and/or man-made machines that have been used throughout time.  Their construction or origin isn’t what it most important; what is important is its use.  It prolongs life or eternally extends it.  It allows humans to go places they could not go alone.  It allows us to do much more than otherwise.

The text is much less a solution or set of answers; it is more a set of questions.  How will machines change in the future?  How will the role of machines change?  Will our master-servant relationship remain the same?  What will humans be empowered to do in the future?


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