Table of Contents

November 3, 2009

There has been much discussion and literature review on the topic of interactive textiles.  Most often there are not answers, but questions which arise out of these activities, including (but of course not limited to) the following:

What is a human?  What is machine?

What is real?  What is fake?

What is to experience?

How does human experience differ from the sensory perceptions of non-humans?

How does ‘creation’ affect the nature of being?

Is technology a human creation or is human the creation of technology?

Is technologies’ goal the recreation of ourselves?

What does it mean to interact?

Is interaction a key component of intelligence?

What role does identity play in interaction?

What is the fear associated with interaction?

What are the limits of interactivity?

What role does a medium play in interaction?

What is architecture?

What is clothing?

What is dwelling?

Is the world of static architecture coming to a close?

How is movement reshaping the environment, and will it last?

Can technology address the needs of mankind?

Is the human form the only moderator of design?

What does architecture teach us about ourselves?


In pursuit of a synthesis of such questions and the thick descriptions which accompany them, there will be a table of contents through which a written work could examine these and many more questions.  For example:


Inhuman Nature

In this chapter, it could be explored what ‘human’ means, and if it can be applied to machines.  What does creation have to do with humanness?

A Machine Afterlife

In this chapter, the nature of the human could be explored in deeper terms, such as his or her spirituality, his existential place in the world, etc.

The Limits of Interactivity

Understanding interactivity is crucial to understanding what it means to be alive.  What is interaction?

The Arrival of the Rapture and its Passing

This chapter would address the future and the span of time from the beginning to the end, if there is such an end.  Is technology changing the nature of time?


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