Of Fashion and Architecture

November 18, 2009

Fashion has much to do with making.  In fact it means making. The french word faire means to make.  It also means creating, to accommodate, frame, etc.  Thus, fashion is a creation for the body; it is a dwelling for humans.

The idea of fashion also has connections with interaction, on which this blog is focused.  Interaction is the influencing multiple entities upon eachother.  The creation interacts  with the creator, or at least with the body it was created for.

Architecture is fashion.  It is the result of a making; it interacts with the body or bodies it was made for.  Fashion and architecture are networks for humans, within which we discover new information about others and about ourselves.  This is seen in some of the sources previously discussed: nomadic architecture and fashion are very similar because both cater to a highly mobile society that is based around smaller, more specific spaces.  Layers of interaction exist in fashion as undergarments, outer garments, and outer coverings, as in architecture the interior, exterior, and outer skins sometimes exist.  While the biggest difference may be permanence, certainly modern architecture has in many ways become less permanent and modern fashion has in some ways grown in longevity.


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