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Entities in the Automation Industry

January 19, 2010

The following post is a list of websites which showcase innovative emerging technologies.  There are numerous branches of research which are being undertaken around the world, and this list is by now means a comprehensive list; it is a mélange sources that may be of interest in looking for performative materials.  The wide range of sources will be useful to offer something of interest for most in this area of research.

Some companies/groups that are dealing with the cutting edge of automation, be it based on human interaction or for buildings:

X2 labs –

This is primarily about wearable technology.

Horizon 0 –

Essays on architecture and textiles.

Institute for nano-scale technology –

A website about the effect nanotechnologies could have on the future of architecture.

Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts –

A place for the interaction of art, science, and emerging technologies across cultures.

Marcelo –

A place for experiments and expanding the current human-machine relationship.

Intelligent Textiles –

An English company which embeds technology in fabrics.

Fabrics Manufacturers –

A look at many fabric types that are more common than might be thought.

A British blog on Calico Fabric –

Calico fabric has many uses and this might inspire the rethinking of other fabrics in terms of their performance capabilities.

Recycled Fabrics –

Fabrics are sustainable because of there reuse capabilities.

Suite 101 –

Some relatively new products.

Treehugger –

This article on Treehugger thinks critically about a new use of chemicals in fabrics.

Wholesale fabrics –

SPF protection in fabrics, with surprising abilities.

British News –

“Tarian” Cloth armor system for the US army.

Freshome Interior Design and Architecture –

Luminous fabric.

CSHyde company –

High performance materials for an array of applications.

Crypton Super Fabrics –

A company which manufacturers numerous fabrics for many applications that are highly performative and innovative in their manufacturing process as well as their performance.

Some Companies that are in the business of building automation, from simple systems to innovative ones:

This website is a good resource due to its connections to many other companies, including many of the following.  These are all companies which create networks for building systems, automating them and thereby saving time and money for the client.

Control Solutions Minnesota

Cereniti Submetering Solutions


Environmental Systems, Inc.


AIMNET Smart Building Systems

Motorized Blinds

MetCon, LLC – Staefa

Computrols –  based in New Orleans

Hubbell Building Automation, inc. –  based in Austin, TX, specializing in electrical industry

Honeywell Building Solutions – – maintains systems of integration, an office in Indianapolis

C&C Building Automation Company, Inc. –, installation and service business from San Fransisco

Building Automation Products, Inc. –, product development and engineering to manufacturing and sales, from Gays Mills, WI

Lantronix –, from Irvine, CA, secure communications technologies and control of virtually and electronic device regardless of location.

Green Building Automation –, from Detroit, MI, total project management

Voyant Solutions –, which provides controllers for automated systems, located in Indiana.

T.A.C. –

A project done in Allen county, IN, building automation.

Davis Industries –, systems integration company working in Indiana, partners with Honeywell, Lynxspring, Plexus, distich controls, echelon, etc.

KMC Controls –, service and equipment provider for integrated automation systems.

J & T Systems –, sales, marketing, engineering, and installation of automation systems in Indiana.

Crossbow –, wireless sensor networks, wireless sensors, and motes in building automation applications.

Automated Logic Corporation –, total energy solutions provider; helps in all steps of design to create a better environment for energy usage.

Advanced Home Automation –, provide start to finish services including architects and engineers to create the home environment desired.

Scena Systems –, cutting edge home automation systems, on the products side.

Applied Manufacturing Technologies –, assisting robot companies, system integrators, and line builders.